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After a lot of effort - first of all in getting hold of the technology, and secondly in painstaking hours of typing, I am proud to present JOURNEYMAN 3 - THE ZX81 ISSUE!

Unlike my mainly-made-on-a-typewriter previous issues, this one was made entirely using a 1981-vintage Sinclair ZX81 computer, and printed using an Alphacom 32 thermal printer of similar age.

It's very difficult to type on a ZX81, and the computer is VERY limited in what it can do - this 16-page zine completely filled the 16K of memory I had available! It's all been made by setting up the pages on the screen and printing each screenful as it goes along. It's made out of a BASIC program over 400 lines long, that's stored using cassette tapes and takes about four minutes to load. :)

Anyway, in this issue, you have...

  • Music and TV reviews
  • Why I like using old technology
  • Some graphics and patterns using the ZX81's awesome 64x44 pixel resolution!
  • Camera of the Month - the Olympus XA2
Here it is in its 11cm wide glory:

Note: the first few copies will be printed in blue like this, but once that particular roll of thermal paper runs out, further copies will be printed in slightly more conventional black. :) Please let me know if you're desperate for a blue copy - once that roll has gone, they will all be black...

Available for £1.50 in the UK, £2.00 by airmail to everywhere else in the world. Order using the appropriate button below - please ensure you choose the right postage option.

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This zine looks utterly magnificent. Could I snail mail you cash for a blue copy? My PayPal is frakked right now.

Erm...yes, but what currency would you send it in? Small amounts of dollars are very difficult for me to exchange. Tell you what - send me a zine or just something else interesting, and we have a deal. :) I'll PM you my address.

Oh, you rock my face! I think I still have a five pound note somewhere, but this saves me from having to find it. A couple zines, a mix CD, and some crafty stuff coming your way!

Sounds perfect. :) Don't send me the fiver - I'd feel guilty about taking that much off you!

Hello !

I recently bought your zine and I would like to review it for my blog. Can I include a photo of the cover ?



Of course, steal mine or feel free to shoot your own. Publicity is good (unless it's not, of course). :)


I finally published a review in three languages about journeyman 3 on my blog. You can read it here :

I don't say nothing specially new about the zine, maybe I should have written more about my personal view, but I didn't want to make it too long. I hope you like it.



Thanks very much! It's attracting new orders. :)